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Jumping around from page-to-page in the Critical Theory Wikipedia category is (I have to admit) pretty mind-bending. Today I skipped along from Paulo Freire to Pedagogy of the Oppressed to Peter McLaren to Reconstructivism, and finally, paused with a sharp eyebrow-raise at the topic of this post: Post-postmodernism.

No, I did not stutter. That’s postpostmodernism.

Okay, I’ll let you do the digging on the definition (If You’re Interested), but it reminds me most of the term “infoprefixation” from John Seeley Brown and Paul Duguid’s The Social Life of Information. They use this term to describe the wave of company names and everything else that all of a sudden had an “info” attached to the front, because by nature of prefix their name was new and relevant and technological or something.

So I couldn’t help myself but to build off their term here as “postprefixation,” the fixation to prefix “post”–but also that which comes after (or post) the prefixation of postmodernism. Jeez, say that sentence five times fast.

And don’t even get me started on “ationsuffixation” …

p.s. added a new category in honor of David Foster Wallace: If You’re Interested (IYI)

Had the opportunity tonight to watch this documentary about Genesis Breyer P-Orridge of Throbbing Gristle.

Genesis and her partner Lady Jaye underwent a series of medical operations in order to become closer in appearance to one another. The Ballad tells their story.

This film is about love, music, art (the expression and power of fetish, alternative, and avant-garde), gender/sexuality, and the narrative of being human. I recommend to all, keep your mind open and you won’t regret it. I was sincerely moved by Genesis and Faye’s devotion to art as expression of the self, and to each other.

Side-note: Genesis’ work extends much from the work of William S Burroughs, namely the “cut-up” technique, what we might call today a sort of “remix”.