I’m developing a behavior that’s new to me. I do not believe change occurs in the future, far off in the distance. I believe in the presence and immediacy of change today, tomorrow. The future makes me weary–it is heavy on the soul. But the present has opportunity, it is bearable and light.

It is not sufficient to suggest change (improvement or reconfiguration) must occur in the future alone. Change can and should happen in the present, with wider and longer views in mind.

This really has to do with approaching problems. I encourage anyone who reads this to think about a problem and how it can begin to be addressed by change today, tomorrow and continue to change from there.

Today I select education, its emphasis on “lecturing” and “dumping” knowledge on students. Today and tomorrow I can work on change by practicing new methods of education, like peer-to-peer learning at P2PU (through a course I’m running about writing Wikipedia articles this fall for free for anyone) and through strategizing how to get teachers and learners of all sorts to flip the classroom.

To get what I mean about education, read this. Note it’s not about technology, it’s about pedagogy and learning.