I discovered this in a journal in which I wrote over a year ago. I found it poignant and wanted to share. Replace “Dick Cheney” with “Barack Obama”.

THERE WILL always be Osama Bin Ladens in the world. There will always be forces gathering against the United States. We cannot simply kill all our “enemies” – Dick Cheney cannot seem to understand that. What we can do is convert our would-be-enemies in our actions and choices—we can convince the people near them that indeed their anger and violence is ill-directed and justice can be sought in more direct and peaceful ways. While we chase our enemies, we will make enemies—ghosts or not, foreign or not, just or not. We want not for the world to tremble in fear of our power. We want not to take the world and make it fit our rules. We want only the death of ignorance and the birth of understanding, perpetual.