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Defining “work” has been tough lately. Being “productive” requires a new definition. Is it work when a music student plays an instrument? When is it fun? When is it not?

Of course it’s up to the person, but the music example makes me think about my own work/fun distinctions. What is work if learning and teaching are fun? What is work if reading about and using new web technology is fun? What is work if the result demonstrates some quality about you that later fulfills some necessary requirement or constitutes some value?

Clay Shirky and Yochai Benkler make arguments about work, but I’m thinking about experience, affects. It is not enough to have new theories about work/fun, we must also have ways to think, feel, and be.

Had the opportunity tonight to watch this documentary about Genesis Breyer P-Orridge of Throbbing Gristle.

Genesis and her partner Lady Jaye underwent a series of medical operations in order to become closer in appearance to one another. The Ballad tells their story.

This film is about love, music, art (the expression and power of fetish, alternative, and avant-garde), gender/sexuality, and the narrative of being human. I recommend to all, keep your mind open and you won’t regret it. I was sincerely moved by Genesis and Faye’s devotion to art as expression of the self, and to each other.

Side-note: Genesis’ work extends much from the work of William S Burroughs, namely the “cut-up” technique, what we might call today a sort of “remix”.